Saturday, November 06, 2010

Reminder - VFX Union meeting Nov 7

From the IBEW

Attention All Visual Effects Practitioners in Southern California:

IBEW Local 40 will be holding its’ 3rd  Informational Meeting for those working in the Visual Effects portion of the Motion Picture Industry.
This historic meeting will be held on Sunday November 7th 1pm. at The American Legion Hall located @ 5309 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City CA. 90230.
Representatives from both Local 40 and the IBEW will be there to answer questions and provide additional information on why the IBEW is …the right choice.
Everyone that has attended past meetings are encouraged to bring a co-worker with them to receive this relevant information.

In Solidarity,

Dave Grabowski
IBEW Local 40
Business & Membership Development Rep.


An now here's a video from IA 891 

Do You Like Fighting Robots?

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  1. From my post on VFXSoldier

    So I just got back from the IBEW meeting. I’ll give my impressions in quick bullet points.

    - I love and appreciate IBEW’s outreach and holding of meetings (ARE YOU LISTENING TAG!?)

    - I was not impressed at all by their knowledge of the VFX industry and felt uneasy about the possibly of being represented by them when they seemed to know so little.

    - The main guy talking (main so cal rep) gave me a bad impression…he seemed to not be really listening to the questions asked of him and kept giving either vague or indirect answers a lot. People had to ask/rephrase 2 or 3 times to get him to address the questions

    - The health benefits between them and IATSE are exactly the same since they’re all in the same film industry fund

    - Someone asked the difference between them and The Animation Guild (IATSE) and essentially he said They care and make an effort and go out, while IATSE (TAG) doesn’t. Aside from that comment, which left a bad taste in my mouth, it troubled me he didn’t know anything about the other major source of representation in the vfx industry.

    - A few people expressed that the fact that the IBEW was out there holding meetings putting forth an effort was a big enough difference for them. And I agree with that sentiment. What good is a other longer standing organization if they don’t put forth the effort? TAG needs to get on their game and start holding meetings…letting people know they exist and have ACTUAL experience in VFX/Animation industry.

    - Essentially the gist of the meeting was that they’ll keep holding meetings and hopefully people keep coming and bringing more people. But that union representation was going to have to be initiated and organized from within by the artists and then they would come in at the very end once they had 65% of the company signed on rep cards.

    - There was a rough plan set for beginning of Dec for the next meeting. I’ll be there. It was great to see other smart dedicated artists with the passion to fix the things that are broken. I have some hope now. I just hope the IBEW had a bit more knowledge of the industry


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