Wednesday, October 27, 2010

VFX Union IA update

Just a reminder here I'm trying to provide information for VFX artists to make informed decisions.

As noted in an earlier post the IBEW is having a meeting for people interested in a VFX union to be held Nov. 7 In Culver City (LA area)

I recently spoke with the IA and will post more at the appropriate time.  

One of the issues many young people don't consider is the advantage of being able to move from company to company and still keep the same health care and the same retirement fund. 

Here's the thing: It's up to VFX Artists to make an informed decision whether it's of value to you.
A VFX Union can't start unless many artists are willing to sign on.  It's likely to take at least 6 months to a year, maybe longer, to complete the process.   

I urge people not to believe the myths and misrepresentations about unions and to attend one of the meetings if possible to hear directly and to ask questions.

Just as with voting - if you don't participate in making a decision then you can't complain about it afterwards.

UPDATE:  11-11-10
IA Announces intent to unionize VFX artists

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  1. "Just as with voting - if you don't participate in making a decision then you can't complain about it afterwards."

    Gotta call you on that one: as long as we still have freedom of speech, your right to complain is not in any way contingent on your participation in any given vote.

  2. You're correct and I'm certain that people will continue to complain no matter what they've done.

    My point of course is if people have issues and complaints that they take the appropriate avenues to address the issues. Try to find a solution for the problem, don't just be an annoying noise.


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