Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Film incentives

Here are a couple of references to those interested in film incentives.  I included these in response to a comment but thought I should also make it full post.

Report on the impact of incentive programs elsewhere and what that has done to the Calif film industry.

"If the state had maintained its former level of dominance, a total of 36,000 jobs would have been saved. The wages and output associated with these jobs would have totaled $2.4 billion and $4.2 billion, respectively."\

(I think there are many more post-production jobs than this lists)

Full Report

EntertainmentPartners Web site with info on film incentives in different states and the world:


  1. What's your thoughts on the ability of the IA to lobby for incentives in California.

    It's not far fetched as they were heavily involved in the last run:


  2. While I think whining for the days highend movies/fx were only done in California is pathetic (all due respect), I think tax breaks/subsidies are unfair, market distorting and should be banned. In the EU, for example, there is legislation that bans government help for companies and industries. I might have benefited from it (I work in Berlin, I think it also has a movie tax subsidy), but it's still unfair. Soldier on!


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