Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VFX and Animation school and work exploitation

I'm doing some basic research on 2 things:

Visual effects and animation students or graduates who feel they were misled by the school they went to regarding vfx and animation jobs, their ability, learning, etc.  This is global so whether you're in US or India or other location if you think the school took advantage of you please let me know.

I'd also like to hear about vfx and animation exploitation in the work place. Once again this is global. US, Canada, UK, India, China, etc. are all welcome to be heard. If you're being mistreated or working in harsh conditions let me know.

I did the survey months awhile ago but I think there were many who didn't respond, especially in places where vfx/animation are now being developed.  There was a Facebook page just for Indian Animation workers that is now down. If there are still issues let me know.

Email me at squiresstudios at gmail and spread the word. If you have something to say regarding these issues and wish it to get attention, then please let me know.  Thanks.

You can leave comments below instead if you wish (even anonymously) but emailing me gives me a contact to follow up with, especially if this gets traction.

[Update 11/23/2013
I'm getting a number of depressing stories about poor vfx management around the world. Please go ahead and send me your story. All writers will be anonymous unless they wish otherwise. Like let me know which details I can make public or not.

Remember this is world wide.

I'd also suggest that anyone emailing me should consider rating these companies at http://thevfxwatchers.com anonymously. That way you can alert others to what you have found and maybe these things will help the better companies and to cause the problematic companies to improve.

VFX and animation schools - I still haven't received much about vfx or animation schools. If you feel you've been misled about the cost, quality or value of this type of education or about the job opportunities then please write in.

[Update 12/21/2013
Indian  vfx and Animation students being exploited

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