Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pi Day

In case you haven't heard the VFX Town Hall on Pi Day is being held 3.14 (Tomorrow as I write this)
It's in Los Angles but there will groups in San Francisco area, Vancouver, New Zealand and elsewhere. There will also be a live stream over youtube.

I will be speaking along with Scott Ross (Trade Association), Steve Kaplan (Unions) , Mike Chambers (VES) and Mariana Acuna ( (inadvertently left off Mike Chambers originally)

The state of the industry will be discussed along with possible solutions. There will be an hour of questions and answers. The various town centers on the list will be able to send in questions and discuss amongst themselves. There will be an email or twitter hashmark I believe for others to ask questions. You can also submit or post questions ahead of time. We won't have all the answers but it's time we started to make some things happen. There are interesting meetings and discussions already in progress.

We are hoping to help reach out the global world of all visual effects professionals and hope to implement some concrete steps to solutions in the upcoming weeks and months. 

For details vfxsolidarity website, vxfsolidarity - Facebook (I've spent more time in the last day on Facebook than I have in the last 5 years) 

There are other links and twitter accounts in the upper right that would be useful to follow if you haven't already.

Update 3-15-2013 My talk from Pi Day event. Includes my script and the video

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