Monday, October 10, 2011

VES Board of Directors

If you are a Visual Effects Society (VES) member you should have already received email regarding the Board of Director's nomination forms. If not, make sure the VES has your current email or check your spam filters.  They are due back this Friday.

Feel free to nominate yourself or someone you would think would do a good job (with their approval of course). Usually it involves being in LA once every other month or so for a meeting. Details should be on the VES web site.

Sometimes people complain about the board being made up of vfx supervisors, producers and owners. We do have people working in other positions on the board and that' swhy I'm encouraging people who are interested in getting involved to go ahead and nominate themselves. Certainly names you've heard before tend to be more likely to be voted on by other members but I do think members are more open to voting for people in all phases of production.

You can also volunteer to be on one of the various committees even if you're not on the Board of Directors.

Don't forget the Annual Member Meeting is Oct. 20 in Los Angeles.

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