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Overtime and misc

A few recent reports:

From @neonmarg
Study: “working more than 11 hours a day increased the risk of heart disease by 67 percent” http://bit.ly/fxl36H

Working overtime hurts health ABC news

Full ABC article

Here's an article that argues for business to take advantage of overtime since it can save them money in some situations.  The capper though is this: "Experts agree that over an extended period of time, employees should limit the time they work each week to no more than 53 hours."

Most of us start with a 50-60 work week and go up from there.

Do you work more than 8 hours a day?
Are you paid more than your hourly rate when you do work overtime?
Are you paid above your daily rate when you work a 6th day?
Are you paid above your daily rate when you work a 7th day?
(Hint: If you're working more than 40 hrs a week you should be properly compensated)

Given the health effects is it worth it to work overtime?
Is it worth it to do it for free in any form?
Are you sacrificing you health for free for the company? Why?
Double whammy if you aren't provided real health benefits.
If you're in this situation what does your company say?
"We don't pay you overtime so that hurts not only your income but your health. We don't cover your health care so now you'll end up not only losing money but paying what's left over just so you can be well enough to continue working for us.  Ha, we're geniuses"

VFXSoldier just posted related to this

[Update 11/19/2012  Must read on US Overtime laws  ]

Added note:
The longer your working hours are the more likely your productivity will go down in those added hours. Trying to maintain a creative and highly technical thought process after long hours of overtime is a real problem.  The loss of this productivity and the increase in errors and mistakes is never taken into account by management. Working people another 50% a day will not gain the company 50% more output despite what their spreadsheet seems to say.

[Update: The death march: the problem of crunch time in game development 
Why Crunch Mode Doesn't Work: 6 Lessons
Calculating Loss of Productivity Due to Overtime Using Published Charts – Fact or Fiction ]

From a previous post related to working too many hours see the bit at the end about the trailer to a documentary called "Who Needs Sleep"

Other info of note:

Report on why unions are necessary:

[Update: Motionographer has a great post related to this]

Dave Rand
(hint, in case the link fails in the future: CEO of company that failed to pay the vfx artists gets quadrupled compensation to $42 million)

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