Friday, December 03, 2010

IA VFX Union note

I met with Jimmy Goodman of the IA last week.

They are planning to have a blog setup within the next 2 weeks to keep people informed.
This would be one vfx union that covers the U.S. and they are continuing to meet with small groups of those interested.  [Note that the union cards they pass out do not have to have your social security number filled in.]  They'll progress to larger groups.
Their hope of course is to work with both the vfx studios and the major studios to get them aboard.  It will require a number of vfx studios and their employees to sign on to make it happen.

The IA feels they're a better fit for VFX artists given that they cover the majority of artists and crafts people on a stage or set - camera guild, art directors, sound, wardrobe, etc.

Jimmy said they were well aware of the concerns people have about runaway production related to vfx and they will have to work with both the members and the vfx companies to strike a balance that makes sense in terms of the benefits.  Most of the better/larger places already have benefits so this shouldn't be large gap, if any.  If you work at a place that offers no benefits or forces employees to file as contractors then it will have an impact on them.  If that's your situation you should probably consider working elsewhere anyway.

I suggested they needed to have a clear plan that they can articulate if they want to succeed at this and ideally post that information to the web so it could be reviewed by those unable to make a meeting.

If you want information directly: vfx at 

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  1. Scott

    We are a small VFX shop(ex Pacific Title) PJF Productions, and we too met with Jim. As a small business owner and vested to MP we are doing everything we can to provide input to Jim so that we can sign and provide benefits to our hires. I can say that we are here trying to create jobs for artists, to keep artists and create longevity. WE highly value our artists!
    Thanks for the blog!


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