Friday, August 06, 2010

Sad but true..

Believe me,  you don't want to see most vfx artists stripping.
Unfortunately most VFX companies end up going through the following.  These would be funny if
they weren't so realistic.  I've seen the same things almost verbatim so they're not exaggerated
Note that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing since there are times when the client feels they need to define how the vfx need to be done to the experienced vfx people they hired.

    Caution: Explicit Language

The unrealistic portion here is the client reminding you it's a fixed bid.  They don't even bother saying that. 

Here's another example how clients work with VFX companies and vfx artists

VIDEO: The Vendor Client relationship - in real world situations

Overtime?  What's that?

VIDEO: Do you like fighting robots? The interview. 

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  1. Just an update about the young lady who is now a stripper after paying 70K for an Art Institute degree.

    She has posted a video showing her portfolio:

    I'm appalled that AI could get away with this. I think every person teaching vfx should watch this video. Say what you want about her portfolio but the fact that she has publicly come out about this is pretty brave.


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