Tuesday, March 16, 2010

VFX TownHall Meeting

From Lee Stranahan: (twitter: Stranahan)

Online Town Hall registration is open - totally free, Monday March 29th, amazing panel

Info from the site:

VFX Online Townhall
an open disccusion of a visual effects industry in transition

Effects driven films like Avatar are breaking box office records while visual effects facilities are forced to shut their doors and most VFX workers face long hours, no benefits and little credit.
It's time to start talking about the state of the visual effects industry -- where we are, how we got here and what can be done to move the industry forward in a way that's fair and thriving for artists, facilities and the studios.
We've assembled a world class panel with different perspectives and now we'd like to invite you to be part of the conversation. The discussion is open to everyone with an interest in the visual effects industry.

Panelists include
Chris deFaria -- Vice President, Warner Bros. Pictures
Jefferey A. Okun -- Visual Effects Society Chair and visual effects supoervisor
Scott Ross -- Co-Founder of Digital Domain & former CEO of Industrial, Light and Magic
The panel will be moderated by Lee Stranahan, a former visual effects artist and writer for The Huffington Post whose Open Letter To James Cameron: Fairness For VIsual Effects Artists started discussions all around the world.

This all started with the Open Letter to James Cameron


  1. It's "sold out". Any chance that this will be recorded?

  2. Best bet is to contact Lee directly. I know there have been requests from others.

  3. There's rumors that if you put you name on the waiting list you might be able to observe. I know nothing beyond that or how reliable that is.


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