Thursday, September 10, 2009

Visual Effects Producer Book

This was written by Charles Finance and Susan Zwerman, both with the VIsual Effects Society.
Susan is also one of the editors of the VES Handbook that is in progress.

If you're interested in visual effects producing this is the book. Covers primarily the budgeting, scheduling and workflow issues but also covers basics of the technical issues along with pros and cons. 377 pages

Another book to check out is The VES Handbook of Visual Effects which was released end of July 2010.  More info.


  1. Excellent book!
    Very clear representation of really useful info.
    I f you've arrived from computer science field and not familiar in movie-business specifics - Visual Effects Producer book - is your primary resource

    Arkady Dubinin
    VFX Supervisor
    Moscow, Russia

  2. Hi, My name is andres congratulations for this blog! I was wonder if you can give me and advice of which school are good in australia.

  3. Schools in Australia - Unfortunately I don't know of any although I'm sure there are.

    Schools Posting has some schools here in the U.S. and online.

    Hopefully someone else might be able to respond.
    You might check with some of VFX companies there and see if there are any recommendations or if they have interns, etc from nearby schools.


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