Thursday, April 19, 2007


Audio Podcast on Storyboards for visual effects.
21 minutes long.

Previs and Animatics podcast to come.

I'm recording this on my MacBook Pro and am a little rusty going through the whoel process so let me know if you have issues getting the podcast.


  1. Hi Scott,
    We met last fall when i visited the set of FF4 for a couple of days- Ralph's friend from Indiana. i really enjoyed meeting you and appreciated your willingness to share. Can't wait to see how the movie turns out. Glad to see you are back on the web. i'm looking forward to listening to the podcast and learning even more from you. thanks for making the effort to do these.
    Jeff Petersen

  2. Hi,
    Really finding your site so helpful - and would love to hear an audio for previsualisation soon. I know that is on your list, be great to hear about this.

  3. Check out the Budgeting and pre-production post for a little more info. Hopefully I'll have some more postings up soon.

  4. Excellent, just read it and it was really helpful. Such a useful resource, thanks so much!


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