Monday, January 09, 2006

Server down

Well I switched to a new provider over the holidays but it appears the server is down.
Sorry, looks like I may be moving again.
Anyone have any experience with or other ISP that can provide service, storage and bandwidth?


  1. hello friend !

    i am using sher web hosting and its preety good with 1 GB space unlimited bandwidth and more check out their service here u might like it


  2. Who is the hosting company on this?
    I am the owner of CGHOSTING and you appear to be talking about our services (by the name included in the URL posted and in relation to server down) but as far as I can see, you are not and have not been been a customer. Please advise if I am mistaken and if I am not, any negative referrence related to our company should be taken off your post-
    Your reply, co-operation and indulgence is appreciated.


  3. ???
    This was over a half a year ago when PowWeb was handling most of the hosting. Your site was mentioned by one my readers as a recommendation.
    Not sure how you read it to mean anything against your hosting site.


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