Friday, October 21, 2005


Welcome to the Effects Corner.
I'll try to cover creative, technical and business aspects of Visual Effects.

I'm working on the podcasts and hoping to have those posted soon.

If you have questions you can post them in the comments and I'll try to incorporate answers in the blog/podcast.


  1. this is a great site, thank you mr squires, I've always been a fan for visual effects and of your work, my name is jaime jasso a digital matte artist willing to become a vfx supervisor, I will look forward to this site definitly.
    my first questions about what do I need in order to produce and supervise a vfx shot or shots, I mean what kind of formats do yyou have to fill to keep the team working correctly and on schedule.
    I'm from mexico, hope to show you some of my matte paintings soon. it would be great to have a feedback from you.
    thanks again I'm sure I will learn lots of things here

  2. Hi JJasso,

    I'll probably cover an overview of the post-production process in 2 or 3 podcasts from now.
    Make a schedule of the different steps required for each shot. (scan, matchmove, animate, Td, composite)
    Some of these can overlap. When you turn over shots to people be clear on their schedule and then monitor their progress. Make sure they communicate with each other.

    For your matte paintins start assembling a real showing before and after. Some people show after and then before. Use whatever you think presents them the best.


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