Monday, December 13, 2010

VES Handbook for Kindle - Back soon

The Kindle version of the VES Handbook was up for a short time a month or two ago but it was discovered that the Table of Contents was missing (a critical feature).  Focal Press pulled it to fix the problem and I'm told they have submitted an updated version.  It's now up to the Amazon process when it will be re-posted. Hopefully soon.

[update 7-20-2011: Now available]


  1. This is your lucky day...
    Your blog rocks!
    So glad we have a blogger lyk you in this world.

  2. Your blog rocks!

  3. Just an update here. Focal Press is STILL trying to update the Kindle version of the VES Handbook after 2 months. I guess making a Table of Contents for an ePub must be like brain surgery.


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