Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vfx helps U.K. post-production stay afloat

For those that don't think the incentives have anything to do with VFX:

From Variety article Vfx helps U.K. post-production stay afloat

 "While most entertainment business sectors in the U.K. are undergoing tumultuous budget cuts or worrying about downsizing, the folks running post-production houses are relatively sanguine. Sure, even the post biz stumbled a bit during the economic downturn, but the future now holds plenty of promise, particularly for those who create visual effects.

In fact, thanks to a concentration of talent and tax incentives, Blighty's share of the film visual effects market has nearly doubled from 2005 to some 20% of the worldwide biz."


"There was a huge fear in the election that government would change the tax credit, and thank goodness it didn't."

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  1. And much of that work comes from the big Hollywood studios. Out of the 42 productions that came through my former employers during the time I worked there, most were Warner Bros., Sony Entertainment, Fox and Universal. Relatively few of those had anything to do with the UK Film Council.

    This is why I'm hoping the UK government will continue with the tax incentives and encourage financing from the private sector (wherever they may be located) and that a newer, bigger, and more organised organisation (non-government funded) will take on the role that the UK Film Council did (and hopefully with a board with a broader range of skills - including writers, directors, producers, DPs, and VFX folk).


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