Thursday, April 01, 2010

Notes To Store for the iPad

Just completed an iPad app that was accepted by Apple. It's called Notes To Store and allows treating the iPad like a spiral notebook (actually multiple notebooks). You can type in notes (virtual keyboard, bluetooth keyboard or dock keyboard) and draw sketches and images. You can also import photos and draw on top of those. I have stacks of spiral notebooks and end up sketching a lot of ideas and notes so wanted something similar for the iPad. I'm sure after I actually get a real iPad (this was all on the limited simulator) to try it out I'll be making changes and improvements. If you have suggestions for it please send me an email.

I'm gathering various ideas for real VFX support apps for the iPhone and iPad so send me an email if there's something you'd like to see.

I'm hoping to post soon regarding the Townhalls and related issues.

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