Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fliparoni update

Just a note that Fliparoni (iPhone and Touch game) is available free for a very short time as a promotion on the App Store and iTunes.


  1. Just heard your interview on FxGuide TV. Are you still interested in buying Commotion source code back from Avid? There has been a wind of change lately that I believe would make that very possible, while it would have met internal resistance a few years ago.

  2. I contact Avid every few months. I still think there's a need for a good roto/paint tool and it's too bad that Avid has squandered their Commotion assets.

  3. thanks for the reply. Avid has just sold Softimage to editing competitor Autodesk at a firesale price. Avid has also just sold off Pinnacle's PCTV product for an undisclosed amount (which I'm guessing means very low). I suspect more may come later. If you contact them in the future, I'd suggest contacting Kirk Arnold at Avid, the right hand of new CEO Gary Greenfield. They're strictly business people. You'd focus on money and patents, if any. Hope this may help.


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