Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ryan Dallas Cook update

As mentioned a few months ago one of the band members of Suburban Legends, Ryan Dallas Cook, was killed by a hit and run driver.

Police have now found out this was a man from Korea who works for Hyundai Motors. He showed the car damage to executives at the company and took the first plane back to Korea without checking in with police. They hope to pursue him there. I think it's a shame for a car company to be hiding a criminal like this.

Click the link of the name above to get a video report of the story.
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  1. What a shame. Hopefully he's brought to justice.

  2. I am guessing you are using a Mac. your blog page http://effectscorner.blogspot.com/ doesn't look correct on Internet Explorer on Windows. The left pane and the right pane overwrite the articles in the middle, cropping the begining and end of each line. The page looks OK on FireFox on Windows.

  3. >you are using a Mac
    >doesn't look correct on Internet Explorer on Windows.
    Thank goodness.

    Code is based on code elsewhere on the web and should conform to CS/html standards. When tiem permits I'll see if I can code around the IE limits but it's probably best if people just moved on to beter browsers.

  4. i read from a different page that the man who is off in korea had a lot of beers and was drunk-driving.he fell asleep in the middle of the freeway and thats when dallas came.....
    so if it wasnt for this guys stupidity,Dallas would still be alive.

  5. Yes, if the guy hadn't been an idiot it would have never happened. He didn't have his lights on and was parked in the car pool/motorcycle lane. Worse, he immediately took off so Dallas was laying on the freeway in the dark (possibly still alive) when other cars came through.

    I won't ever consider buying a Hyundai car knowing that their executives condoned this behavior and helped the man escape.

    Seems like the conversation went like this: "Hey, you just murdered someone. Would you like me to drop you off at the airport? We'll hide the car here at the company and stonewall the police until you've made your get away"


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