Friday, November 11, 2005


Hoping to get the next podcast uploaded tomorrow.

I've started listing this site on various podcast directories. iTunes kicked it back for some reason and their system seems to be broken so I've been unable to resubmit it. Those of you with iTunes will have to manually add the feed for now. Sorry.

As mentioned post comments, suggestions or questions here or send me email to (remove NOSPAM when sending)

I'm considering posting the transcripts of the podcasts here if people are interested.


  1. I'm interested.....

    Came across this blog after you were the first person to comment on John August's post about Shake..... I was the second...

    I'm hoping to keep a close eye on this blog - it looks like you've got a huge amount of interesting stuff to say.... Mind if I link to here on my (currently quite rarely updated) visual effects blog at ?

  2. Sure, feel free to link to it. Hopefully I'll be able to continue and provide some benefit to people.


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